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About Us

Pixus Owners

Todd Landry
Owner and CEO

Pixus has been your leader in large-format digital printing for over 20 years. We make it possible to purchase the finest in large-format printing products by constantly evolving in our always changing technology. Our varied group of six large-format printers produce photo-realistic vinyl banners, posters, adhesive graphics, backlits, die-cut standees, point of purchase displays, custom fabrics, and so much more. We use bold and high quality digital colors that ensure your messages come through loud and clear.

Owner and CEO Todd Landry joined Pixus Digital Printing in 1996 and purchased the company in 2010 from its founding business owners Max and Dianne Hoyt. Founded in 1992, Pixus was the first large-format digital printer between Houston and Atlanta and one of the first 50 companies in the world to produce large-format graphics. Pixus continues the legacy of leading a fast pace and evolving world of digital printing technology. We are proud to serve over 500 businesses nationwide to include casinos, ad agencies and retail stores. All have come to rely on Pixus's reputation for next-day delivery service when needed. Posters, backlits, banners, slot toppers, fleet graphics, fabric signage, die-cut standees, wall murals, point of purchase signs and more. Over the years, Pixus has grown to be the largest producer of tradeshow graphics in Louisiana, Arkansas and the Mississippi regions.

Pixus began using electrostatic large-format printers as technology evolved frequently upgrading its printers providing the highest resolution and cost effective printing solutions. We have worked diligently to create a proud history of leading product innovation. In 1994, Pixus was among the first printers in the country to print digital short-run photographic and adhesive backed vinyl banners. In 1996, we launched, introduced on-line proofing in 1997 and began printing directly onto silks, cottons and nylon. In 1998, Pixus continued its evolution and initiated online file transmission for a much faster and efficient method of relaying artwork to designers, resulting in quicker product turnarounds. Over the years we have continued to invest in our company, adding the newest technology and passing savings to our nationwide clientele who demand competitive pricing, excellent service and high product standards.

It is not possible to speak of Pixus without mentioning our veteran staff and illustrious founder Max Hoyt. Mr. Hoyt served as chairman of the board for the international trade industry group of the Digital Printing and Imaging Association. He continues to serve as a consultant to Pixus and reports on market and growth strategies. Edna Peltier has been with Pixus for over 20 years and manages our customer support division. Michael Lavergne is the backbone of our customer support staff and has been with Pixus for 7 years as a customer service representative. Newly appointed general manager Charles Sarver has been with Pixus for 6 years. The in-house graphic design team consist of four degreed graphic artists with a combined 40 years of digital printing experience. Our Pixus finishing department boasts 15 employees with an impressive total of 75 years of finishing expertise. We would cetainly be remised calling attention to our shipping and packaging department who takes great pride in getting every job delivered the first time, without fail!

All together, the 25 employees of Pixus represent over 140 years of combined experience in digital printing. Longevity alone does not add value. It takes desire combined with experience to find the best solutions for customers daily. It is the difference that makes Pixus stand out.

We look forward to hearing from you by phone, email, text or social media. And when you’re in the area, stop by around 2pm for a coffee and our “Warm Cookie Wednesday.”

Inside Building

Front Row; Left To Right - Charles Sarver, Todd Landry, Edna Peltier
Second Row; Left To Right - Michael Lavergne, Angela Delahoussaye, Michael Latiolais, Cristy Ross
Meagan Frame, Terry Broussard
Middle; Left To Right - Kris Gumpert, Brandon Gumpert, Jeromy Boutte
Back Row, Left To Right - Willam Rose, Anthony Stuhldreh, Ethan Melancon, David Comeaux
Louis Duval III, Cory Gary, William Cummins, Brenda Webb
Suzanne Broussard, Caroline Trahan, Brendon Delahoussaye, Jacob Landry, Robert Tareton and Judah Grayson (not pictured)

Building Location

Inside Building


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