zebraMeagan-FrameMeagan Frame grew up the creative child of an artistic mother, and was encouraged at an early age by both mom and dad whenever the slightest interest in art presented itself. Growing up, her love for the Arts included all types of art, dance, theater and fine arts. Her passion of creative expression fed her desire to try everything, and it was that desire that led her through the incredible journey of fine arts. Meagan says that today her favorites include printmaking and drawing.

She embraces the ideas and invites the challenges of making the corporate world a beautiful place. “Art can be more than just in a gallery. It can be in the form of a logo or a simple poster,” says Meagan. Fascinated by design, each project is a puzzle with each its own obstacles which keeps her mind constantly working.

“My love of the creative process eventually lead me to Graphic Design”

metal.working pottery lion.print_pottery2“Pixus has given me such a wealth of design knowledge and I’ve learned so much about the technical side.
While gaining more experience and practice, I’ve noticed in my own personal designs that I get to the final product faster with a better end result.”

Meagan’s background in the arts has made her more attentive to detail. She adores good responses to her design work and keeps working to make her clients happy. After all, it is the responses that make her happy and it’s super gratifying to her! Meagan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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