1. Four Tips For Creating The Perfect Festival Banner

    Festival season is an exciting time of year. Everyone gathers together for events, celebrating everything from holidays to foods to small towns. While festivals never really end in Louisiana, the summer hosts some of the biggest and best of them all. If you are an event planner, or in charge of the marketing for an upcoming festival, it is time to start thinking about banners and getting those cus…Read More

  2. The 2018 Media Strategy

    It is impossible to believe but in just a few short weeks it will be 2018. It was in 2017 that the Aztec calendar predicted the earth would end. With the dawn of 2018, it will be like a new lease on life has been granted to the earth and we survived one more year without being destroyed by fire or something. Seeing as though we are allegedly going to survive until January 1st, establishing a compr…Read More

  3. The Signs of Christmas

    Nobody likes to hear it, Thanksgiving is over and the insanity of Black Friday is behind us. The mad shopping rush is upon us and this is the time to capitalize on the visibility. Ideally, you would already have your signage and print media materials squared away, but what could set your business apart is some exquisitely printed, custom banners or signs. Created from your vision by the printing e…Read More

  4. Celebrate Independence Day!

    The Fourth of July is once again upon us and yet another summer is ticking away. Independence day is a sacred holiday in this country and at Pixus we value the opportunity to serve the digital printing, signage, and POP marketing of our neighbors. We have had the opportunity to produce some incredible work over the last 25 years and have seamlessly kept up with contemporary printing technology. Th…Read More

  5. It Must Be a Sign

    Signs have been around for thousands of years, and  the basic purpose of a sign is to inform. That statement is boring. Unlike the opening statement, the real purpose of a sign is to blow people away with the insane graphics, a unique presentation and a memorable message. Let’s say you are a retailer that sells cat-specific artisan ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream might be salmon flavored an…Read More

  6. Bringing Gamification to Your Property

    One of my favorite writers is Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar and author of "How to Easily Add Gamification Techniques to Your Content." Companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom have benefited from his brilliance. I was completely informed and entertained by one of his recent articles. He shares, as of 2015 the iTunes App Store has 396,000 gaming apps, almost doubled since J…Read More

  7. 30 Incredible Vehicle Wraps – 30 Days

      30 Incredible Vehicle Wraps - 30 Days Along with growth and expansion, businesses are faced with challenges each day to enhance and maintain their company's image and brand. Two such Louisiana companies share similar commitments and passions, yet are very different. Acadian Ambulance and Pixus Digital Printing conduct business in an area known for family-centric culture, strong community ties a…Read More

  8. 3 Keys To Successful Wraps

    Photo by Pixus Digital Printing The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) says that more than 95 percent of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. Here's what you need to know before investing in this exciting and unique form of advertising. 3 Keys To Successful Wraps. "Technology is only as good as its flexibility to create exceptional products and 3…Read More

  9. Wide-Format Printing: The Future Is Now

    How has UV technology changed the wide-format market? UV technology has totally changed the wide-format market. It has enabled printers to reach new speeds that were once unheard of. When we started using UV technology just a couple of years ago, we only had 24 printheads in our roll-to-roll printers. Now we have managed to double that with 48 heads in most of our machines. The dry time has been d…Read More

  10. Louisiana Festivals! No Place Like Home

    "You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself. Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times and think to yourself." Louisiana Festivals! No Place Like Home. Louisiana Festivals! No Place Like Home. Louisiana Festivals! No Place Like Home. (Quote may have been popularized by Glinda - Wizard of Oz) Louisiana Festivals! No Place Like Home A festival for each seas…Read More