1. Nostalgia: Big Deal For University Baseball Team

    Iconic and Refurbished Clock reminds fans it's cool to mix a little of the old with the new. Tigue Moore baseball field is one of Louisiana’s largest and most impressive baseball facilities, and has been home to Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns since 1978. “The Tigue,” affectionately known by its faithful received its most visible upgrade in January 2010, when a ProGrass Synthetic Turf System w…Read More

  2. Fishing For A Cause

    Just minutes off of scenic, Louisiana Highway 191 is home to the 19th Annual Texas Oilmen’s Bass Invitational. Fishermen converge near and far each year to share their talents, skills and resources to raise funds for the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Renal Unit. The annual bass tournament takes place on the breath taking lakes of Louisiana’s Cypress Bend, nestled among 114 acres of forested…Read More

  3. A Saint To Watch Over Me. Who Dat!

    Many times a cliche is over used. That’s not the case in the incredible story of dedication and perseverance that you’re about to read. Tonette Arabie, an employee at Pixus Digital Printing the finest in custom signs and banners, relates to this all too well. Born the second child of four girls, she grew up in a very non-traditional household. There was plenty of love to go around, rules to fo…Read More

  4. Employee Spotlight – Louis Duvall III (Drummer)

    Young boys around the age of ten are typically involved in activities like baseball and basketball. But if you’re fortunate enough to grow up in South Louisiana, you’ve got to add fishing, hunting and drums. Drums? Why drums you might ask? Each Sunday evening young Louis Duvall III could be found perched directly in front of the family television set watching the legendary Ed Sullivan …Read More

  5. Tennis Anyone? with Jean Boudreaux

    Jean Boudreaux began playing tennis at the age of 10 and vividly recalls her playing days in high school. Jean resides in Lafayette, La with her best friend and husband Kim, their sons Brandon and Nicholas and of course, close proximity to a tennis court! When asked about hobbies, she immediately admits that her number one hobby is son Nicholas, a senior lacrosse player for St. Thomas More. Her hu…Read More

  6. “Keeping It Real” with Kristopher Gumpert

    Southern charm and a great smile are often an overused cliche, but not so in the case of Kristopher Gumpert, or as most call him simply Kris. He was born and raised in the heart of Cajun Country which is recognized worldwide as the Sportsman’s Paradise. This could explain his passion and love for the great outdoors. “I love spending time with my wife and two beautiful daughters” Kris enjoys…Read More

  7. Art Is A Family Affair With Meagan Frame

    Meagan Frame grew up the creative child of an artistic mother, and was encouraged at an early age by both mom and dad whenever the slightest interest in art presented itself. Growing up, her love for the Arts included all types of art, dance, theater and fine arts. Her passion of creative expression fed her desire to try everything, and it was that desire that led her through the incredible journe…Read More

  8. Riding for a Cause

    My wife decided when she turned 40 that she would start running marathons to work on getting healthy for our kids. She started this health kick and was featured in magazines about her journey. She came to me one day and said she wanted to ride around Lake Tahoe, which was 100 miles. I knew she had gone crazy at that point, to ride on a bicycle up and down hills? I didn’t want to be left behind, …Read More

  9. Hobby Keeps Woodturner In His “Write Mind”

    The origin of woodturning dates to around 1300 BC when the Egyptians first developed a two-person lathe. In the Middle Ages a pedal replaced hand-operated turning, freeing both the craftsman’s hands to hold the woodturning tools. During the Industrial Revolution the lathe was motorized, allowing turned items to be created in less time. The motor also produced a greater rotational speed for t…Read More

  10. William M. Rose

    Pixus Digital Printing is proud to announce William Rose, the latest recipient of the “Certificate of Expertise” by the International Digital Enterprise Alliance. Will received the certification of Color Management Professional Level of Fundamentals by demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the fundamental best practices essential to the practice of color management in a graphic communications …Read More