Festival season is an exciting time of year. Everyone gathers together for events, celebrating everything from holidays to foods to small towns. While festivals never really end in Louisiana, the summer hosts some of the biggest and best of them all. If you are an event planner, or in charge of the marketing for an upcoming festival, it is time to start thinking about banners and getting those custom orders in.

Here at Pixus, digital printing is our specialty. We can help you create the perfect custom banner for your upcoming event or even a promo flag to get the word out. No matter what custom signs and banners you need, we have you covered.

It all begins with you deciding on what you want your custom banner to look like. As you get started, check out these four tips for creating the perfect festival banner.

#1: Think About Colors

The first place to begin is to think about what colors you will want to implement into your design. If you are going to be throwing a Memorial Day festival, you will likely opt for patriotic colors. However, if you are hosting a cajun themed event, you might want to stick with traditional Louisiana favorites: purple, green, and gold.

Make sure that when you are choosing your colors, you ensure your color scheme will go well with the rest of the festival decor and that you are not picking colors that will clash. If you aren’t sure what colors go together, use a handy tool, such as this one to help you make the choice.

#2: Make Your Message Clear

Remember, most banners will be seen in passing, particularly if you are using the custom banners to advertise for the festival beforehand. Make sure your message is easy to read and understand, even when someone is on the go.

Avoid long messages that are intricate and difficult to follow. Stick with short and to the point text, such as the festival name, the dates of the event, and your festival’s tagline. Avoid filling up the banner with extra details. If you have a website for your festival, include that so people can look up the details online. Your goal with your banner should be to draw people in and to pique their interest.

#3: Customize Smaller Signs For The Event

Not only will you want large custom banners to advertise your event and to greet people on the day of the festival, you will also want to think about smaller signs you might need for the event. You can use these signs to help direct people to ticket booths to encourage them to enjoy different foods, and even to post the festival schedule.

If you have a variety of booths set up, you can even customize banners to draw attention to the specials each booth offers. Get creative and think about how you can best tell people about everything going on at the event.

#4: Have Fun! With It

At Pixus, we believe custom banners should be fun and add extra flair to the event. We use high-quality materials and bold colors to ensure our signs stand out. Have fun with your custom banner design. Try to incorporate the spirit of the festival into your design. Adding fun elements to your banner will help it catch people’s attention.

As always, only choose the quality of Pixus when you are purchasing custom banners. We utilize the very best materials so you can count on your banners to do their job. Whether you need one custom banner or you need a large number of banners for your festival, we can help. We will provide you with unrivaled customer service and care, ensuring your project is done just the way you want. Talk to us today about how we can help make your next festival a success.