Our digital, large format process enables short run prints of your full color posters, signs, fleet and trade show graphics, and other specialty items. With an ever changing world of technology and materials, Pixus continues to offer new products and services. For questions or a list of products and services, please  contact one of our helpful sales representatives.

Design & Layout

Graphic design, layout services and photo scans are available upon request.


Most images can be mounted, laminated and finished on a variety of substrates including adhesive products, fabrics, hard boards and more. Pixus operates two laminators with the capacity to finish any size order with a fast turnaround.


Pixus offers the following formatting tip to quickly and accurately print all your large format graphics. To best expedite printing we ask that any file larger than 20” be built Actual Size at 100 dpi. We request that smaller file(s) be sent at 300dpi if possible to ensure the highest print quality.

Media Files

Files are accepted via the following:  FTP at www.pixus.com, email if under 4MB, CD/DVD, or on Jump Drive.

  • Email if under 4MB or FTP / File uploads (see FTP below)
  • DVD
  • CD
  • Jump Drives

Files can be emailed if under the size of 4 MB. Use our upload site for larger files.


The Pixus FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or File Uploads can be accessed by entering www.pixus.com, choosing File Uploads from our menu and following instructions. Additional software is not required.

File Formats

PDF’s (Portable Document Format) are the most commonly used files and most EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) can be imported and edited.

  • Adobe Illustrator: EPS with fonts outlined
  • Adobe Photoshop: RGB, TIFF or EPS
  • Adobe InDesign: Package the document or export as an EPS with outlined fonts.

Contact Pixus for all other programs.


To produce a rich, solid black and improve print quality create a four-color process black by choosing 75% cyan, 75% magenta, 75% yellow and 100% black, instead of the usual one-color default black.

PMS Colors

PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors are critical for accurate reproductions. Pixus uses a process color matching system to achieve within 90 to 100% of specified colors. If color is critical, we recommend ordering a hard proof. Hard proofs are created for a nominal charge created using the same printer as your final product will be printed on.

PDF File Submission

We suggest using the industry standard PDF file format to ensure an accurate and timely turnaround of your printed material. All files must be created at a minimum 100 dpi at actual size or must possess the ability to be scaled.
Graphic elements and photos in the file must follow the same size / resolution standard.
PDF’s must be saved as CMYK “Print Optimized” X-1A files which flatten the layers. CMYK is a scheme for combining primary pigments.


Files should be set at actual size. Indicate scale in percent and provide the final dimensions if we are to scale your file. Check all photo resolutions for Actual Size before sending files.


Please outline any fonts used in your vector files.


Proofs are available only upon request. Electronic proofing is done using PDF files sent via email or viewed using the Pixus public proofing website