Messages With Colorful Backlit Signs

Consider a more persuasive method when presenting your products. Choose highly effective, in-store advertising to showcase your products and services with our high resolution backlit signs. Our large format printers produce vivid and life-like displays up to sixty inches wide and any length.

Setting the Standard

We are experts and have set the standard for indoor and outdoor, photo quality, backlit signs. Count on Pixus for an unequalled transformation of your business with large backlit signage and displays. Our large format, 6-color digital printers produce backlit signage and displays up to 60 inches wide by any length. Pixus can handle projects of all sizes the next time you’re in need of photo quality, backlit graphics or posters.

What can backlit signs & graphics do for your business?

  • Increase Point Of Purchase sales

  • Draw the attention of your customers to your product

  • Stand out from traditional advertising mediums

  • Inform your patrons about upcoming promotions

  • Simply look great!