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Custom Posters

Exceptional quality posters, on time and on budget!

Posters are an exceptional medium to capture the attention of a customer’s eye. Many are used for indoor and outdoor applications and are custom printed to almost any size onto any substrate imaginable. Marvelous cutting edge technology like digital high resolution has contributed immensely to its popularity. Sizes begin at 22 inches x 28 inches and can be as large as 60 inches x 60 inches, and sometimes larger in individual cases. Our finishing department can laminate and mount your posters on substrates like Foamcore, Gatorboard, card stock, jet mount and Styrene. The Pixus in-house graphic department is always available to help or produce the perfect poster for you.

Pixus provides poster solutions for multiple industries which include national chain stores, banking, casino, fast food, retail and museums. And lets not forget special events, conferences, seminars and tradeshows.

What can high resolution posters do for your business?

  • Game Boards Commands attention of potential customers
  • Game Boards High resolution quality printing delivers rich and bold colors
  • Game Boards Produces vibrant photos and images
  • Game Boards Posters are versatile and available in various sizes and shapes
  • Game Boards Increases durability by adding mounting process
  • Game Boards Point-of-Purchase signs grasp the attention you demand

Ask about our many hardware options.

For over 20 years Pixus has continued to invest in the latest and cutting edge technology, inks and media assuring an ultimate printing experience. For a more creative and adventurous look, consider digital routing to create added advantages to your posters. Take full advantage of Die-cutting, a digital process where shapes are cut out of materials such as posters and turned into works of art with the use of computer technology.

Contact Us to speak to a sales representative for more information about any of our products and services.

The "HP Z6200" large format poster printers from Pixus!