It is impossible to believe but in just a few short weeks it will be 2018. It was in 2017 that the Aztec calendar predicted the earth would end. With the dawn of 2018, it will be like a new lease on life has been granted to the earth and we survived one more year without being destroyed by fire or something. Seeing as though we are allegedly going to survive until January 1st, establishing a comprehensive print marketing strategy for the new year should be a priority. Pixus Digital Printing is excited for what 2018 will bring to us in the form of challenging and rewarding customer projects. Our clients have brought us some incredible designs and ideas over the last year, we are truly on the edge of our seats to see what the next year will bring us.

Many of us think about the changing of the calendar as a period of rebirth. Many of us make resolutions to change ourselves for the better. It is a fact that gym membership skyrockets around January 1st and if you frequent the gym you know to avoid the first few weeks of the year. Smokers spend the first eight hours of the year vowing to never smoke again, only to cave a few hours later. The point is, these resolutions are tough, gym memberships drop off after March and cigarette sales rebound. Personal resolutions may be a challenge but what about resolutions for your business? They may be even harder to keep.

Reinvent Your Business

Many times, as a business owner, the motions you go through every year become habit. Much like eating too many cheeseburgers or neglecting to put the toilet seat down, many business owners begin to rely on what has worked in the past to drive them into the future, and that can be unhealthy. If we know anything about resolutions it is that you need support in order to properly stick with them. Pixus is your partner to make your business truly stand out in the new year. As any marketing team will tell you, dynamic content that draws customers to your business is the most important way to attract new customers. In this day and age, we are truly living in a golden age of media. We have the internet, TV, and print all seamlessly integrated with one another. The technology available is staggering and we want to help you maximize your visibility. What better way to advertise your automotive dealership than with a huge vinyl wrap around an incredible representation of the vehicles you sell. Or a massive banner announcing your specials for the new year. Printing on this scale was not possible a decade ago but with Pixus large format printing technology, advertising has reached a whole new level.  

Beat The Rush

Much like well intentioned resolutionists signing up for gym memberships, businesses often wait until the calendar changes before they consider their marketing strategy for the new year. Having your plan in motion will give you that much needed edge over the competition. Be sure and contact Pixus Digital Printing to beat the new year’s rush.