If you’re involved with the Southern gaming industry, you probably know the importance of the Southern Gaming Summit. An effective showing at the conference borders on being a prerequisite for success in the area. As a result, the event is jam-packed with competing voices and companies.

Making the most of your time at a trade show is all about preparation, foresight and running a tight ship. There are a ton of variables involved, so you need to limit the number of surprises as much as possible. To assist you in doing just that, we’ve compiled a list of intuitive, practical and actionable trade show tips. Learn more below about how you and your business can prepare for an informative and valuable experience at the 2019 Southern Gaming Summit.

Keep Your Sessions on a Tight Schedule

Many take the competitive tradeshow environment as a reason to consume as much information as possible, regardless of where it’s coming from. Unfortunately, this mindsight is ineffective and counterintuitive. Since your time and reach is limited, you need to be selective with which sessions you attend, and which you don’t.

Less is more, as the saying goes, and that is especially true when it comes to processing large quantities of information. It’s like taking notes in a college class—if you write down everything the professor is saying, you won’t be able to actualize the most essential and difficult material.

Business Cards, Business Cards and More Business Cards

As valuable as the information being offered at the 2019 SGS is going to be, don’t forget that it’s also an incredible marketing opportunity for your team, as well. You’re poised to be surrounded by the biggest and most successful names in the industry—you need to make an impression that is both memorable and brief. Work with a professional to create business cards that convey your brand’s message and objectives as a business perfectly.

Prepare an Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is a brief pitch, meant to convey your experience and background concisely. It takes its name from a situation you very well may find yourself in at the 2019 SGS. You’re in an elevator with a potential client, partner or someone similarly valuable, and you’re drumming up small talk. You’ve got 45 seconds, maybe, to leave a positive impression. An effective elevator speech allows you to do just that naturally and professionally.

Know Your Questions

Lastly, have an idea of what you want to ask presenters when your time at the podium comes. Your time with them is limited, and preparations and premeditated objectives allow you to make the most of it. Think about your current business challenges and how speakers and their expertise can help you reach a solution. Ask about how they handled a certain aspect of a campaign; what was their favorite element of an initiative; or what was a challenge they faced when taking on a project.

With all of this in mind, a trade show is still just that—a show. While the information presented is important, it’s crucial to enjoy the proceedings as well.

Pixus is an industry leader in crafting experiences, iconography and print advertising that inspires engagement and conversion in consumers. To make the most out of the tips above and your experience at the 2019 Southern Gaming Summit, contact us at your earliest convenience.