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When It Comes to Signage, Size Matters

When It Comes to Signage, Size Matters

At Pixus Digital Printing, we strive to push the visual advertising industry forward with each project. In our time working with countless clients, partners and businesses, we've come to understand that size is a frequently misunderstood aspect of the advertising...

Taking it to the Streets: the Value of Wall Murals

Taking it to the Streets: the Value of Wall Murals

When engaging in visual marketing, it's important to stand out. Today's consumers face stimulation around every corner. As a result, marketers have little more than a few seconds to make a lasting impression on potential buyers. And to make things more difficult, the...

Your 2019 Southern Gaming Summit Checklist

Your 2019 Southern Gaming Summit Checklist

If you’re involved with the Southern gaming industry, you probably know the importance of the Southern Gaming Summit. An effective showing at the conference borders on being a prerequisite for success in the area. As a result, the event is jam-packed with competing...

This Year’s Top Innovations for Visual Advertising

This Year’s Top Innovations for Visual Advertising

Design is an ever-changing field of study. Here at Pixus, our years of experience and industry knowledge have taught us that staying ahead means being adaptable and receptive to change while always being willing to learn a new style or design method. And that isn't...

2019 Casino Trade Shows You Need to Attend

2019 Casino Trade Shows You Need to Attend

Here at Pixus, our staff goes to great lengths to stay on top of all the latest happenings in the casino and gaming industries. Everything from industry-shaking innovations to the latest in consumer experience advancements strikes our interest, so we like to keep our...

Our Year in Review: Top Projects of 2018

Our Year in Review: Top Projects of 2018

2018 was a whirlwind of growth for Pixus, both creative-wise and on the business side of things. As 2019 takes off, we’re looking back at our favorite projects to come through the Pixus workshop in 2018 and what we loved about them. These clients are time-tested local...

Working Print Promotion into Your 2019 Budget

Working Print Promotion into Your 2019 Budget

TLDR: 5 Minutes A marketing budget that includes print promotions is a critical part of creating an image and getting your business name out there. The more you put into a print marketing plan, the more you will get out of it. If you have data from the previous year,...

The banner looks great. Our first church service is going to be this Sunday. Thanks again!!!

Chris Frazier - Bridgetown Church, North Carolina

Your representative was very professional, knowledgeable, and prompt with his service. Wish all of my vendors had his attention to detail.

Hayden Neveaux - Offshore Cleaning Services, Abbeville, Louisiana

It has been a pleasure working with Terry at Pixus Digital. His expertise and knowledge about signage is top notch.

Madeline Broussard - Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise, Lafayette, Louisiana


Printers are no longer constrained by outdated technology. Direct-to-surface UV curing flatbed printers produce precision and unmatched details, with longer-lasting, full-color images on most surfaces. The Swiss Q Nyala printing system offers the most versatile direct-to-surface flatbed printing with innovative options for promotion and display.

Pixus Vehicle Wraps - Police Cars

Vehicle Wraps

Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard and get your message out whether you're stuck in traffic or running errands.

Pixus Signs and Flags

Signs & Flags

Choose from a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes for bold, eye-catching signs and flags that are sure to attract new customers.

Supreme Rice Specialty Graphics by Pixus

Specialty Graphics

From unconventional displays to custom-designed game boards, make a lasting impression with specialty signage that meets your unique needs.

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Top 5 Sign Trends in 2020

Gone are the days of predictable, static signage. Digital printing professionals have revolutionized the way we consume print messaging in today’s technologically-driven world, and the results are worth buzzing about. From leading-edge placements to innovative...

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