As you may know, Pixus is a proud member of the Lafayette community. We take great pride in providing our clients with the finest digital printing services available anywhere. Our services encompass everything from large format printing, signage, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, and much more. At Pixus we produce some of the most dynamic advertising and promotion materials in the country and have no plans to slow down. The need for innovation and new techniques is what keeps Pixus the premier large format digital printing company in Louisiana and the entire United States. We care deeply about helping our community and on this “Giving Tuesday” we thought we would highlight some opportunities to give back during this holiday season, both locally and on a national scale.

Habitat For Humanity

No matter where you are, there are those that need a home, whether they be homeless or simply in a tough economic spot. Habitat For Humanity offers a large number of services that provide housing to those that need it the most. There are many opportunities to be involved with Habitat and not all of them necessitate swinging a hammer. This organization is active in Lafayette and will build or restore homes for those in need throughout the year. Consider helping next time that you notice a call for help from Habitat For Humanity.

Salvation Army

One of the most visible organizations during the holiday season is the Salvation Army. This organization offers aid to all sorts of incredible causes and all you need to do to help is throw a buck or two into the red kettles that reside next to the iconic bell ringers. This time of year, almost every grocery store in the country serves as a platform for giving, when hundreds throw their spare change into the bucket. They can always use bell ringers too and for some that is the ideal way to give back.

Big Brothers Big Sisters               

This non-profit helps kids find adult role models in order to improve their quality of life. Kids are paired up with adults that serve as mentors and friends. The program offers kids the opportunity to get out and have some fun with a positive role model. The research suggests that this program offers a wide variety of benefits like increasing self confidence, an impact on juvenile justice, and a positive impact in the educational system. As we all know, some kids can have some pretty rough times and Big Brothers Big Sisters is an organization trying to help our children become productive adults. If you feel that you can make an impact on a young person’s life, this organization is a good place to start.

Acadiana Humane Society

If your interests lean towards helping our animal friends, there are many opportunities in the area. The Acadiana Humane Society is completely run by volunteers and they are always looking for assistance. There may be opportunities to be a foster family for a kitten or puppy to start them off on the right path. You can become a Guardian Angel for pets who need extensive medical care or have special needs. This is the perfect opportunity if you desire to help out the animals in our community.

Giving Back Feels Good

Regardless of how you decide to give back this holiday season, the most important thing to remember is that, no matter what you do, you are helping your community. From helping to build the less fortunate a home to taking a kid to a baseball game there is some way for everyone to contribute. Now unfortunately there are many scams out there, but that is no reason not to volunteer. A little research will tell you if the non-profit is worth helping. Regardless, while we may think the best time of year to help is during the holidays, there is a need for volunteers all year round. Not everyone is going to like building houses or mentoring a kid, and that is okay, there are many ways to help if you truly want to. At Pixus we are proud to serve the printing needs of many of our non-profits in the area. Contact us today for more information and don’t forget to give a little back this year.