Only a little under a week to go until the polling places all over Louisiana are inundated with voters. The curtain will close on yet another political season and we will have to wait until next year to get our fill of political propaganda. At Pixus, we know how “sad” many of you will be as the political ads will stop airing 45 times during a single airing of The Voice and we return to a normal functioning society. Let’s face it, political ads are annoying and most of us wish for voting day so they will end.  Somewhere there is a TV playing a constant loop of political ads in a torture chamber. It really gets annoying after a while, and if you are a politician, Pixus urges you to take the high road, use print ads.

Politics in America

Political ads have been around forever, or at least since there were two different people who wanted to be in charge. There have been Roman coins found that are suspected of being linked to political campaigns, but overall, there was not a lot of voting in history. Leaders were appointed in a much less democratic way and the change of power generally ended in the death of one of the two “candidates”. Think Genghis Khan cared who was going to challenge him for control of China? Needless to say he did not use campaign posters to win over the hearts and minds of the people. Fast forward a few centuries and all that changed when a little startup called the USA declared a new type of government called a democracy. This was a novel idea in the world, supposedly devoid of a ruling class and the ability to elect their own leaders. The United States of America was truly an experiment in the renaissance ideals of the day. Taking notes from the Greek philosophers, our founding fathers created a completely equal society in which the leaders were democratically chosen by the people. Ok, so maybe the best intentions were there and it has become a bit tainted over the years but one thing that remains —  campaigning has become big business and along with that, political ads. Print has been used since the beginning and still remains one of the most effective ways for a candidate to get their name out there.

Politics in Print

Since the invention of writing, humans have expressed themselves and their ideas through print, and political views are no exception. While in this day and age of TV and constant media it may not seem like it, but print media is still the best way to campaign. Way back in 1824, the first campaign posters were widely distributed and since that time, pretty much every politician has used one form or another of political posters. In many cases this is the only common ground that many candidates had over anything. Soon yard signs, billboards, and posters allowed a candidate’s face to be plastered all over the voting area. Whether that is a good thing or not, we will let you decide for yourself. At Pixus, we proudly supply a wide variety of political signage, posters, vehicle wraps, and flags. We would like to remind all of your potential candidates out there that vehicle wraps are perfect because of the large audience they reach and how easy they are to remove from your vehicle. So if you are considering a run for political office it is never too early to get started on your print campaign and who knows, you may just end up the next mayor of Lafayette! Probably not but, regardless, Pixus is the number one local printer for high quality political signage. So take the high road and forget about the annoying TV ads. Put your money where the votes are, use print campaigning! Put your face and name out there for all of the voters to see with signs, banners and posters from Louisiana’s digital printing leader. In all seriousness, get out there and vote on Tuesday the 6th, not only is it your civic duty but it feels good being part of the political process. Be sure and contact Pixus Digital Printing with any questions you may have about political signage and posters.