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Custom Game Boards

Engage your customers with a custom game board so you can show off your branding in an interactive and affordable way. These promotional games are available in eight different templates and are perfect for generating some buzz in-store, at a fundraiser or at your next trade show!

Price does not include shipping. Once you’ve placed your order, a sales representative will contact you to discuss your shipping options and our easy ordering system for submitting art files.

Spin Pong

Our Spin Pong Gameboard stands at about 4’ wide by 8’ tall. The board features a spinning wheel with 10 pie pieces that show your prize options. Each pie piece can be further broken into 2 – 3 equal parts to allow for more prize options. The wheel also allows up to 10 wheel exits for more prizes. Balls exiting the wheel can land in one of the 13 additional prize slots. This gameboard gives you the chance to vary the odds and offer up to 40+ prize options. Your casino’s logo is etched into the front acrylic plate and the LED lights make your logo pop. The Spin Pong Gameboard is offered as a stand-alone option only.

Pin Pong *

Our Pin Pong Gameboard stands at about 4’ wide by 8’ tall. The board allows customers to drop a ball and watch it fall into one of the 13 prizes you offer. This gameboard allows for changeable graphics on both side panels and the header to follow your different promotions. Your logo etched into the front acrylic panel and the LED lights attract a crowd.


Our Plinko Gameboard stands at 4’ wide by 6’ tall. The board sits at an angle to allow your clients to drop a puck and watch it fall down the pins into 1 of the 13 prize slots. LED Lights on the 2 sides make watching the pucks fall all the more exciting. The board is supported by 2 A-frames with a back cover to complete the look.

Spinning Wheel *

Our Spinning Wheel game features a wheel available in a number of sizes.** A magnetic graphic will allow your customer to take a spin and watch as the wheel stops on their prize.
**Wheel for our 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 gameboard is only available as 3’ round.

Punchboard *

We offer 2 size punchboards. Our 8’ wide x 8’ tall punchboard allows for up 56 punch holes*. Our 4’ wide X 8’ tall punchboard allows for up to 28 punch holes*. An internal structure allows you to have a prize inside the board. The customer “punches” through the magnetic hole cover and reaches in to collect their prize. All of our magnetic graphics on our punchboard including the background, header, sides and hole covers can be easily ordered for any and all of your promotions.
*Please use your judgement of where customers can reach the punch holes. We do not want to endanger anyone.

Magna Match Game *

Our Magna Match game stands at 4’ wide X 8’ tall and features movable prize amounts that are hidden under magnetic covers. Your customers will love getting the chance to pick a prize. Background, header, prize covers and prize amounts are all changeable graphics that can be easily ordered for any and all of your promotions.

2-in-1 Gameboard

Our 2-in-1 Gameboard allows you to have the option of separate games on each side of the turning board. Game options include: Pin Pong, Magna Match, Spinning Wheel and Punch Board. The board stands at about 4’ wide by 8’ tall. The entire board is on wheels giving the ability to flip around to the game being played. The board sits on a stationary mat that features your casino’s logo.

3-in-1 Gameboard

Get the value of our most popular games in one promotional product with our 3-in-1 gameboards! Choose between Pin Pong, Magna Match, Spinning Wheel and Punch Board featured on a 4’x8’ board equipped with wheels so you can flip it around to your desired game for hours of customer engagement. This space-saving, multi-game design comes with a branded mat underneath so you can showcase your logo while patrons stay, play and let the good times roll!