Food trucks are one of the hottest things right now. There are lots of food trucks popping up on corners and side streets just about everywhere in the country. There are food truck rallys, food truck rodeos and even food truck competitions. The point is, food trucks are everywhere, and gone are the days when a boring food truck will get the attention it deserves, regardless of the quality of food on board. At Pixus Digital Printing, we are your one stop shop for marketing for your food truck, from banners and vehicle wraps to feather flags and signage. We have hundreds of options that can increase your visibility and turn your food truck into the talk of the food scene.    

Stick and Move

The beauty of a food truck is the portability that exists when you can drive your kitchen to just about anywhere, as you can imagine, the potential to reach a huge audience is much more possible than with a brick and mortar location. Food trucks are a portable solution for getting your food out there to your audience but without effective marketing you might as well be parked in the middle of the desert. The magic of food trucks is in the marketing and the guerilla way that many food truck owners announce where they will be serving. It creates a following that eagerly await the next announced location of your food truck. Many food trucks rely on social media to generate excitement about the location of the food truck. It  creates a sense of community and a buzz that spreads through word of mouth. This makes your loyal customers feel like they are in a secret club that allows them exclusive access to your food truck. Moving around is a big part of the food truck mystique, your customers never know where you will be parked, unless of course they follow your social media account. Like modern day pirates, successful food trucks go wherever they please and pop up in unexpected locations.

Fly Your Flag

How many times have you seen a food truck that looks like it recently came out of the junkyard? We are guessing not many. A key component to a successful food truck is for the vehicle itself to look respectable. Now many food trucks are converted RV’s, busses and travel trailers, the more classic the better. Of course just because the vessel may look classic does not mean that it actually looks classic. Rust or dented fenders are not going to cut it when out in public, you need to have your rig squared away with fresh paint and an eye catching design. You know, the kind of truck that makes people take notice and maybe even mumble, “mmmm tacos sound good”. At Pixus Digital Printing, we are your solution to a boring old food truck. We offer full wraps, vinyl decals and graphics for vehicles of all sizes. No matter what you have chosen to make your food truck out of we can make it stand out from the crowd. A vehicle wrap can establish the brand of your food truck and draw even more customers to your window. And while quaint and artsy a chalkboard displaying the menu can just lead to confusion. Clearly posting the menu on the side of the truck ensures that your food will always take center stage.

Take Advantage Of Your Surroundings

Many food trucks set up in spots that are fairly visible from the road. That is all well and good but what about increasing your reach as far as letting your customers know where you are parked. The solution is signage and feather flags from Pixus Digital Printing. A banner flying proudly over your food truck will enhance the experience and give your customers something to watch out for when they are looking for you. Feather flags, strategically placed around your food truck, create a festival atmosphere and send the message that your food is all about enjoyment and fun. We can even make a custom, portable sign that announces your daily special or next location. The possibilities are really endless with signs and banners from Pixus and they remain one of the most effective ways to generate foot traffic to your food truck.

Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to take the marketing of your food truck to the next level, it is time to contact the digital printing specialist at Pixus. Together, we can take your food truck from underground to breaking ground. We have in-house designers that can work with your vision and produce the best quality materials. Please contact us for all of your digital printing and marketing materials for your business. Trust the professionals at Pixus.