At Pixus Digital Printing, we strive to push the visual advertising industry forward with each project. In our time working with countless clients, partners and businesses, we’ve come to understand that size is a frequently misunderstood aspect of the advertising space. Too often, we see people erring toward minimalism or busy, in-your-face designs. As is often the case, the correct answer lies somewhere in-between.

Regardless of design philosophy, you never need to sacrifice the size of your billboard or signage. Having a large, spacious canvas conveying your message can work wonders for your brand’s message, and contrary to popular belief, that size doesn’t need to contradict the trendy, minimal designs that many companies gravitate toward.

Let’s go over how you can effortlessly meld design, size and industry-leading signage.

The Experts Know Best

You owe it to yourself and your business to work with a professional when designing large-scale signage. If you’re a dedicated entrepreneur, manager or whatever else, it’s unlikely that you have the necessary design chops to craft advertising visuals that are on par with the quality of your business. Industry experts put as much time and passion into design as you have into your business—don’t work against yourself by cutting corners in an area that is poised to pay for itself in the long term.

We can help you in designing large, effective visual advertisements. Whether it’s physical advertisements or digital media, our experience printing effective signs for every industry helps you convey your message to customers naturally and effectively.

The Relationship Between Size and Expense Is Not Linear

Another reason people stray away from large-scale signage is the expense. If the piece is huge, it will certainly have an equally large price tag, right?

Not necessarily. While a large-scale piece will be more expensive than a smaller version of the same work, the relationship between size and expense is not linear. If you’re commissioning a piece that is twice as large as a regular offering, you aren’t going to be paying twice as much. In most scenarios, you should expect to see a mark-up between twenty-five and fifty percent. While that’s nothing to scoff at, it isn’t the bank-breaking investment many people take it to be at face value. And if the advertisement is effective, then the greater scale of the signage will pay off enormously.

Positioning and Visibility are Crucial

Even if your piece is enormous, positioning and intuition are still vital to your success. You should position large signage with a careful, considerate mindset. Where are people most likely to be when they view this advertisement? What sort of emotions does this angle convey at a glance? Will this be a positive first impression? These are useful questions to keep in mind when making placement decisions.

We can help here, too. Our staff is as superb in making recommendations on placing advertisements as we are at crafting them.

Sometimes, Less is More

Lastly, we want to stress the importance of restraint. Just because you’re working with a larger canvas doesn’t mean that every corner needs to have something going on. On the contrary—design restraint with large pieces is just as effective as it is with smaller pieces.

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