When you think of cutting-edge displays, a rice mill probably isn’t the first direction your mind takes you. But, when it comes to Supreme Rice, with their playful advertising and big focus on showcasing just what makes their product SUPREMEly delicious, it’s no surprise they wanted something truly unique.

Working with the Graham Group, Supreme Rice wanted to find a way to create a HUGE billboard on the side of their rice mill in Crowley, Louisiana, to make an impact to anyone driving past it. Knowing that our expertise is in printing of every size, naturally they reached out to us to see how we could lend our knowledge to the project.

Supreme Rice Case Study

The initial challenge was learning a way to mount a 320-pound banner on the exterior of their mill, which was originally erected in 1937. With the elements being what they are in South Louisiana and wear and tear evident, we were worried such an old structure wouldn’t be able to handle the additional load. Eventually, our technicians devised a tension frame system that would not only support such a heavy graphic and accompanying framing system, but would also alleviate the load on the mill itself to ensure long-term usage wouldn’t inevitably compromise the structure. The final challenge was the installation, which took six installers and three different lifts!

In the end, through the hard work and design of our talented team and The Graham Group, the client’s expectations were exceeded, and you can still see the banner hanging on Mill Street in Crowley today—right in front of an incredible piece of South Louisiana’s history. Today, that banner still remains the largest piece that Pixus has ever printed and installed, but we know that we can definitely go bigger!