As students flood across college and university campuses to take tours, start orientation, and attend admissions interviews, it’s time to invest in the marketing and advertising that can make your institution stand out from the crowd. 

Eye-catching print advertising is memorable and makes a great first impression. Take a look at some of the simple steps you can take to grab the attention of the students and parents you want to attract.


Custom-Printed Banners

Using your school’s logo and colors creates a cohesive look to all your large-format advertising materials and helps visiting students and families catch a sense of school spirit. 

Consider custom-printed banners to help direct pedestrian traffic, guiding prospective students to special events and helping them feel confident that they know where they’re going. Large-scale banners are also ideal for promoting upcoming events because they have the space to contain needed information, and they can be easily deployed indoors and outside. 

When you create classic large-format looks on durable materials, you can use them year after year, providing an environmentally sustainable solution that incoming students will appreciate.


Instagram and Photo Backgrounds

Your prospective students are happy to help with your marketing — as long as you give them something to photograph. 

Use large-format printing to turn blank walls into Instagram-worthy photo backdrops that highlight your college’s ingenuity. Wall art, step and repeats, and die-cut standees that put visiting students right into the photo make a great impression in the moment and across the internet.


Coordinate With Student Organizations

When student organizations host events to attract new students, setting up tables and booths around your quad or student center, the result is all too often a jumble of confusion. 

You can boost the impression visitors get of your campus by coordinating with all of your student organizations to create a cohesive and professional look for recruitment events. Encourage student leaders to order large-format materials for their tables and booths that create a unified look, and add your own wayfinding signage and feather flags to help students find their way through the fairs and other events populating your campus.


Look for Campus Branding Opportunities

If your campus runs a shuttle or private bus service that helps students get around the neighborhood, vehicle graphics can carry your brand beyond the borders of your campus while also helping students spot the safe transportation they’re looking for. 

Yard signs drum up community enthusiasm during tailgating season, and hanging banners, posters, and window signage let local retailers get in on the action and declare their love for your school.


Pixus, The Premier Printers

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