While signage and digital printing may seem like a more traditional media, there are many modern technologies emerging in the space that provide substantial improvements in quality and speed for our customers.

Below, we detail some of the ways that digital printing technologies are being enhanced in 2019.

Greater Color Profiles and Reproduction Accuracy

Color is one of the most crucial parts of digital printing. The ability to make colors more vivid, striking and accurate has obvious benefits that speak for themselves. And 2019 is introducing new technologies and industry-wide changes that allow for some enormous improvements to the accuracy and quality of printed color.

PantoneLIVE is at the core of these enhancements. It’s a color management system that dates back all the way to 2012, but it’s only started gaining traction in the industry in recent years. In short, the system uses cloud-based storage to give designers and developers a far greater degree of control over the Pantone library.

Data Utilization to Reduce Excess Ink

AI, machine learning and greater data processing abilities are allowing automated systems to drastically increase their accuracy when it comes to distributing accurate amounts of ink.

Faster Turnaround

Faster processing speeds are allowing designers to create their designs at faster speeds, which speaks to the industry’s potential for continued growth and scaling.

Advanced Learning Leads to A High-Level Grasp On Key Design Principles

Design is its most essential component when it comes to signage and promotional materials. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or how fantastic the posted deal is –if your design isn’t spaced properly, your message stands to be muddled or lost among visual noise.

Online learning and tutorials allow professional designers to stay on top of the latest design trends. These trends can help the designer understand how things should be formatted to convey as much as possible with only a glance from a prospective customer.

Unique, Effective Installation and Placement

With the advances that have been made in printing, we can create nearly anything you dream of – from custom, playable gameboards to life-size cakes, no project is too big. We can create memorable and lasting installations that are not only eye-catching but head-scratching – leaving the consumer to wonder, “how in the world did they do that?”

Innovations in signage and printing have come a long way, following advances in technology and the IoT world. We are excited to leverage those advances into knowledge and know-how that translates into the very best products for our customers.