Design is an ever-changing field of study. Here at Pixus, our years of experience and industry knowledge have taught us that staying ahead means being adaptable and receptive to change while always being willing to learn a new style or design method. And that isn’t poised to change in 2019. In fact, the coming year is one of the most exciting in recent memory concerning innovation, new styles and fresh ways to excite and involve customers.

In the following breakdown, we want to list some of our favorite innovations from 2018, as well as some of the most exciting prospects on the horizon for the coming year. Let’s get started.

Advertisements Become More Subtle and Organic

The relevance of print ads in the current advertising landscape has been called into question lately. The idea that physical advertisements are falling out of fashion is a verifiably incorrect and misguided assertion, however. In 2018, we were shown why physical advertisements are as effective and valuable as ever.

People are not as receptive to ads as they once were. Consumer dissatisfaction with the often intrusive nature of digital advertisements is at an all-time high. Think about it—when was the last time you watched an online video that wasn’t preceded by a lengthy advertisement?

It’s here where physical media’s value becomes apparent. People don’t want to be forced to watch something; they want to feel like they’re the one ones who found their favorite products. Signage and physical media can have this effect. Our staff at Pixus is capable of producing natural and organic physical advertisements that both engages and excites consumers, without being intrusive.

Influencers as Assets

Influencer culture is one of 2018’s greatest revelations. Social media stars are in unique positions to influence the market and are often ready and willing to put your brand and product in front of a camera for their millions of followers. But how can these self-made superstars benefit the visual advertising industry?

What makes these influencers so impactful is their pseudo-personal relationships with their demographics. When people follow these influencers, they aren’t just fans. Studies show that on a subconscious level, individuals consider these online personalities more friends than they do celebrities. This means that their words carry far more weight than a Hollywood superstar’s would. Visual advertisements can leverage this with ease by incorporating branding and images of influencers into their products.

Big Data Yields Big Profit

Never before have companies and marketing agencies had access to the kind of data we enjoy today. And you’re doing yourself a disservice not to be taking advantage of it. 2018 was a year defined by big data.

By using these statistics to understand and predict consumer trends, you can be leading the market instead of following it. And no one is more trend-savvy than our staff at Pixus—we can deliver advertisements, visuals and signage that seamlessly incorporate data into its design parameters and objectives.

Brevity Remains the Soul of Wit

When you look back at ads from a few decades ago, they’re almost indistinguishable from what we see in today’s market. Ads were wordy and engaged in a race against the clock to deliver as many features, benefits and positive spins as they could before they were yanked off stage. There’s a reason we don’t see this anymore—it’s been proven, time and time again, to be an immensely ineffective method to market a product.

In 2019, this fact is poised to be more relevant than ever. Consumers are overstimulated, faced with content, visual noise and distractions on all sides. Setting the data aside, consumers simply do not have the time or attention spans for lengthy adverts anymore. As such, you should keep your message witty, punchy and, above all else, brief in the coming year.

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