Interactive, digital signage is a great way to not only attract customers but also keep them engaged. It can also be more cost-effective – making it easy to quickly vary your content and remain topical with your marketing efforts. 

Content Versatility

One of the main marketing benefits of dynamic digital signage is content versatility. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to deliver the right message at the right time. You can change the display to provide up-to-date information about things like discounts and sales, special events, new products and services and more. The digital format also allows you to deliver a greater variety of content than static signage; for example, you could share a social media feed or entertaining trivia.

Brand Recognition

Getting your brand in front of customers more often and in a greater number of ways helps increase brand recognition. Digital displays are a great way to represent your brand, because it forms a stronger connection with the customer versus a traditional print format. By using your common brand elements with high-quality digital graphics and messaging, your signage can be easily recognizable to passersby and offer an exciting new way to visually represent your business. Want to ramp up your frequency? Consider placing digital displays at multiple locations to cast a wider net for a larger, more diversified audience. Repetition and consistency is key! 

Interactive Digital Signage

Customers are used to interacting with the digital world and have come to expect a more engaging experience. Your business can deliver that with dynamic digital signage. Interactive displays not only increase brand recognition, but they also give you the opportunity to create memorable experiences. Place one at your restaurant’s to-go counter to track order numbers and showcase similar menu items, feature new product collections and associated social posts from real customers, or request customer feedback while they wait for you to finish your service. The options to create positive experiences are limitless! 

Promoting Products and Services

No matter what kind of industry you’re in, you need customers to purchase the products and services you offer. Dynamic digital signage offers innovative ways to promote these that resonate with customers. One great way to use digital signage is to promote products and services that are often overlooked. It’s a great way to get upsells on lesser known options. The digital format is also ideal for new products and services because you can quickly update the information to promote the latest offerings or give an extra push a slow seller.

Application of Dynamic Digital Signage

Many people associate digital signs with retail stores, but the benefits of this medium go far beyond the retail environment. Hospitals can use digital signs to help reduce patient frustration and anxiety and maintain a steady flow of patients. Manufacturing plants and corporate offices can use it to display metrics that encourage productivity and communicate announcements. Amusement parks can make long lines less cumbersome by using digital displays to entertain and engage with customers.

Digital signage is ideal in a huge range of settings and businesses, including:

Choose a Professional for Digital Graphics

Achieve a perfectly branded digital experience by working with a seasoned signage professional. Developing the right interactive digital signage shouldn’t be taken lightly; hiring a professional helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Give your customers something to remember with dynamic digital signage. Take customer engagement to the next level, and get ready to reap the rewards. Contact Pixus today to request a speedy quote!