Forget the forgettable and boring—make your next promotion or event something to remember! Maybe you feel like it’s too much work or too risky to go all out with marketing, but simply hitting average isn’t going to help your business meet its marketing goals. Still not sure? Check out these five benefits for diving head-first into event marketing.

Increase Brand Awareness

Promotional specials and events are ideal for getting your products out and in front of potential customers. They allow people the chance to interact with your brand and can often lead to reaching prospects in further circles as loyal and new customers post on social media and tag your company. By making it an event to remember or a promotion that can’t be beat, you’re giving your customers the ability to help do some of the work for you, and making your brand something that they feel compelled to share!

Build Brand Affinity

Give people an event or promotion that exceeds their expectations and they’ll remember it, and when they do, they’ll also remember your brand. Events that are exciting and engaging stick in people’s minds and create positive associations.

Events are also a great opportunity to build trust with customers and prospects. By offering something valuable, like good speakers or helpful information, you boost your credibility. As brand affinity increases, people are more likely to become and remain customers because they like and trust your company.

Establish Thought Leadership and Credibility

Educational events, or any event where you offer something informative, show that you know enough to teach others. Offering classes or career development helps position your company as a thought leader in the industry. This makes people more likely to pay attention to what you have to say.

A featured speaker is also useful in this regard. You show that you’re an industry leader by positioning yourself with a leader. This positions both you and your brand as being on top of the things that are happening in your industry and trustworthy enough that a reputable name wants to be associated with you.

Boost Attendance

Why waste resources on boring events that no one goes to? Going all out by printing flyers, signage, promotional displays and standees generates excitement about the event or promotion and your brand, making people more likely to participate. Higher attendance makes it possible to generate more leads and sales.

Improve Sales and Conversion Rates

Marketing is designed to help sell your products and services, so make sure your events do just that. Promoting events wisely creates multiple interactions between your brand and target audience, which makes them more likely to convert in the future. Of course, the event itself is also a great opportunity to improve conversion rates. As you and your staff establish relationships with people in attendance, you can generate leads and close deals. The more exciting and dynamic your events and promotions are, the more likely you are to engage with your audience and start developing these important relationships.

No matter what kind of event or promotion you choose to host, making it one that benefits your business in the long run is a smart move that’ll pay off in spades. Reach out to us today for help designing marketing materials that’ll help you stand out from the crowd and have your customers talking.