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WHY – The Swiss Q Nyala was developed and manufactured in Switzerland and is ruggedly designed with attention to detail. Qualities like modular expanding are common among all Swiss Q print inkjet systems. They’ll print anything from the smallest panels through roll material and oversize media of any kind with accurate precision.

SIZE – The Nyala large format printing system is considered a high performance printing machine. It meets the highest quality standards when printing media like banners to rigid materials. The extra-large print bed measures 5 feet wide by 10 feet long and offers more than enough room for most popular panel formats.

SPEED – Faster Printing…Better? Apart from its size, this printer is faster and uses the latest print head technology delivering remarkable quality print at a top speed of 2,220 square feet per hour. The Nyala print system might may be considered best friend to the graphic industry.

COLOR – The systems’ CMYK standard is expandable to nine colors. It includes light colors for reproducing natural skin tones, fine shading as well as white. Try special effects like varnish and even primer for printing on glass. Special colors such as orange, violet and green expand the color space for even more Pantone color choices. The machine becomes an exceedingly productive multipurpose tool with all nine color channels and the latest print heads.

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