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Speaking-Graphics-July-2014A Melting Pot of Technology

(Excerpts from Sign & Digital Graphics)

Point-of-Purchase displays are still the best way for restaurants and retailers to get the word out about what they are selling. Simple screen-printed banners and posters used to be the norm, but advances in digital technology have made it easier for companies to produce custom graphics in just about every size and shape imaginable.

Now, print shops can produce just about anything clients can dream up, including floor graphics, shelf talkers, ceiling danglers, standees, bins, backlit signs and chalkboards.

No Matter where you go aa a consumer, you are peppered with messages. Some are subtle and some are not so subtle. Hotels. Casinos. Drive-thru restaurants. Big box retailers. They all use P.O.P. displays, and the industry continues to evolve, says Mike Latiolais, sales manager and social media specialist for Lafayette, La. based Pixus Digital Printing.

Carrabbas-Point-of-PurchasePixus has been around for over 20 years and serves approximately 500 businesses including 200 casinos across the country. The company specializes in large-format digital printing. “We do an awful lot of P.O.P., posters, backlits and regular signs created from different substrates like Dibond,” Latiolais says. “If the technology and product is out there, we will use it or find it.”

Pixus employs four graphic designers and has a 25,000 square foot facility housing flatbed printers, roll printers, laminators and routers. It has two 10 foot flatbed printers, one of which is “the newest technology in the world,” Latiolais says.

Rouses-POSThe Swiss Q Nyala UV-cure flatbed can print white ink and varnish and has an adaptable roll print feature. That is the newest addition to the Pixus arsenal and the machine in which the company is the most proud. The printer can even print photo quality images on glass and Plexiglas.

Pixus has two HP Designjet Z6200 poster printers that are used exclusively for posters and backlit signs. It has two digital MultiCam routers, so it can cut material to different sizes and shapes, including standees, which are custom cutouts of any size.

“Attention grabbing is the key to creating awareness and engaging the customer, because in most cases you have two or three seconds to engage them and they move on. Point of Purchase is very important anyplace retail merchandise is sold. It just keeps getting bigger and better,” says Latiolais

Blog excerpts courtesy of national publication – Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine
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