The holidays are upon us, and there’s no better way to get your casino guests into the holiday spirit than decking the halls with holiday cheer. Use engaging signage with holiday graphics to delight guests and their families and make your establishment a favorite stop.

Custom signs and graphics are a great way to help your casino stand out. At Pixus, we specialize in customizing casino games and facilities with branded graphics, from photographic vinyl banners and flags to die-cut standees to interactive installations and much more. Our in-house designers make it easy to turn your ideas into reality. Check out these tips for creating unique casino experiences this holiday season.

Create Unique Holiday Signage and Games

The holidays offer the opportunity to incorporate a huge range of themes and images into the fun of your facility, so let your creativity flow freely. Advertise for holiday-themed giveaways, tournaments and other events with custom signage, but don’t stop there.

Use graphics to transform the casino’s interior into a one-of-a-kind festive wonderland. You can even let the holiday spirit spill outside by offering holiday celebrations for the exterior of the casino for people of all ages. Think interactive: set up a North Pole scene with die-cut standees to make a sleigh for Santa and his elves.

Work with In-House Designers

Once you have some ideas for festive holiday signage, turn to professional designers to help bring them to life. Keep these design tips in mind as you work together:

– Choose a size that offers optimal visibility.
– Look for contrasting foreground and background colors.
– Avoid overfilling the design by leaving space around design elements.
– Use legible fonts and make them big enough to be read easily at the expected viewing distance.
– Keep the design and message simple and clear.

Design Engaging Graphics for Specific Holiday Events

Holiday graphics follow the same general guidelines for designing graphics mentioned above, but there are also some additional things to keep in mind with the magic of the season. Use these tips to help your graphics fit the theme for specific holiday events:

– Focus on colors – The right color palette instantly makes people think of the holidays. Red and green are famous for Christmas, but you can also try a mix of whites, blues and grays for a Winter Wonderland theme.
– Include festive icons – Use symbols to conjure happy memories in guests. Holly, presents, lights and wreaths are a few examples of images that are commonly associated with the holidays.
– Add texture – Snowflakes are a great way to add texture to holiday designs and make them visually appealing.
– Use holiday photos in a new way – Photographs of a winter scene or Santa are often overused this time of year. Try presenting a holiday object from a funny or different perspective instead to attract attention.

The Importance of Creative Content

Custom, creative, and engaging content is crucial for making your casino promotions stand out this holiday season. Use signage for wayfinding, promotions, cross-selling and patron interaction, but also think of them as a way to reinforce your brand image to your customers.

Visuals aren’t just important during the holidays. The right graphics and signage provide benefits all year long. By leveraging them successfully, you can continuously improve the guest experience to keep guests engaged and coming back for more.

Get in the holiday spirit with Pixus and let us help you create stunning custom graphics and signage to meet all of your needs this holiday season. If you are looking for the perfect way to promote your casino, small business, or restaurant, the Pixus suite of services has exactly what you need; from casino solutions to vinyl vehicle wraps, we have you covered. Contact us today for printing solutions!