We all know the importance of making your business stand out in a crowd, but how can you do that effectively? Enter the world of die-cuts, which allow you to create promotional items that are uniquely shaped to attract attention in a wide variety of sizes suited to fit your marketing plans.

What are Die-Cuts?

Simply put, a die-cut is a piece of paper or other material custom cut into a unique shape. The designs can be simple or intricate—some even pop up or have other interesting effects. Die-cutting gives you great flexibility when creating designs and offers a whole new dimension for making a statement. Die-cut products range from small to large items and can include things like:

Unique Design

Think outside the rectangle! So many promotional products are rectangular, but die-cuts can be any number of interesting shapes. This gives you lots of options for creating an eye-catching product. Changing the shape as well as the printed design naturally allows for greater creativity and makes it easier to achieve an attractive final result that people will notice, helping them remember and recall your brand.

Interactive Features

Die-cuts can also be a lot of fun and offer an interactive experience for customers. For example, instead of a plain business card, you can have one that pulls out to reveal your contact information or one designed to fold into something functional such as a phone stand.

Eye-Catching Products

In advertising, you usually only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention. This is true whether you’re running a booth at a trade show, driving around with a custom wrap on your work vehicle or handing out a business card. A uniquely shaped die-cut is more effective at standing out because the shape alone sparks curiosity. It can also make it easier to get your message across. A sticker in the shape of a coffee mug can instantly evoke thoughts of a cafe, even before people look at the printed message.

Professional Results

Die-cuts also look professional. They can send a message to customers that your business goes the extra mile to create something of high quality. It shows that you want to offer a great customer experience and make future and existing customers happy which can help to develop brand loyalty.


Most dies are surprisingly inexpensive, especially for a custom product. Plus, you can use them for multiple projects to get more bang for your buck.

Extra Exposure

Items with an interesting shape not only attract more attention, but they are also more likely to get used again. If you hand out business cards, stickers or other promotional products to a passersby at a trade show or other event, they are more likely to keep die-cuts. Quality die-cut stickers, for example, look cool and are much more common on personal items like laptops and mirrors. If a sticker with your brand ends up on personal items, people will see it all the time.

It’s easy to see that die-cuts offer a number of advantages. Give your promotional products a boost by choosing die-cuts for your next project. Reach out to us today for help standing out from the crowd.