Our client, Krispy Krunchy Foods, needed a way to promote their latest, seasonal food promotional  items to their customer base, nationwide. With more than 1,000 locations across the United States, it was a large project with many moving parts and pieces. Not only were we able to fulfill their needs, but we did so in an economical way that helped increase efficiency and provide a low-cost quality option to our client. 


Developing promotional materials for so many locations can be a logistical challenge – especially when you are working a large project into a workflow that includes other projects and client work. We often work under tight deadlines so communication is critical. The system we use to manage our pipeline of work ensures that we maintain proper communication on the status of each project every step of the way. 

Scheduling can also be a challenge when gearing up for large orders. Adding people is an easy solution – but what happens to those additional resources when you don’t have large projects for them to work on? We adjusted our work schedules temporarily to allow us to utilize our existing resources to complete the job with split shifts – saving us and our clients both time and money. 


We produced 2,000 Promotional Graphics Packages (2 packages per location) – which included: bollard covers, posters, gas pump hose graphics, wobblers, menu graphics and information handouts. This was our second year implementing seasonal promotional solutions for Krispy Krunchy Chicken and we were able to complete the job without any hiccups due to our top-of-the-line equipment and all-star staff. 


We were able to evaluate the client’s needs along with their budget and timeline to create a solution that worked for them. Taking into account the number of locations, lifespan of the products and the overall budget – we identified a solution that didn’t just meet their needs but also exceeded expectations.