As an adult, we often bemoan growing older. However, nothing makes a birthday more memorable and special than a party. If you have a loved one or a friend who is about to reach a new landmark age, throw them an amazing grown-up birthday party they will never forget.

Here at Pixus, we specialize in creating custom banners and signs for all kinds of occasions and birthdays are one of our favorite events. Read on to learn more about how you can throw a wonderful birthday party for adults and reach out to our team to learn more about custom birthday banners.

Start With Your Party’s Theme

Designing a birthday party is much easier if you have a theme to work off of. Just as you might choose to theme your kid’s birthday party around their favorite cartoon character, an adult’s party can feature a theme that includes something they love or is a whimsical look at their past.

For example, if your friend was born in the ‘80s, you could create a party themed around this decade. Perhaps you know that as a kid, your significant other was obsessed with a certain TV show, utilize that as your theme. Or you can go for something more simple, such as a backyard country theme. Whatever theme you choose, this will be your guide for picking out decorations, food, games, and more.

Focus On Killer Food & Drinks

When you throw a kids birthday party, you can keep the drinks and food fairly simple. After all, most kids will only remember the copious amounts of sugar they got to eat. When you are throwing an adult birthday party, you should spend a little more time crafting the perfect menu.

The easiest route for a birthday party, particularly if there is a big guest list, is to simply offer small bites, rather than a full meal. This allows you to choose fun and festive foods, without requiring you to spend your entire day in the kitchen. Create both sweet and savory options for your guests. A quick look through Pinterest birthday party foods will give you an excellent array of ideas.

If you and your guests imbibe, make sure you include some fun adult drinks for the event. While beer and wine are always crowd pleasers, craft three unique cocktails that you will offer at the party. You can even post a custom sign with your special birthday cocktails, so guests know what to order. To make these cocktails even more enjoyable, name each one after the birthday party guest and inside jokes.

Bring Out Everyone’s Inner-Child

Just because your guests aren’t actually kids anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little fun. Be sure you plan some activities and games that bring out everyone’s inner-child. You can even include some throwback games, such as pin the tail on the donkey. Make simple games harder by adding extra rules.

Customize Banners & Signs

Finally, don’t forget to create customized birthday banners and signs for the big event. Make your birthday guest feel loved when they arrive and see a custom banner greeting them. If you are throwing a surprise birthday party, custom banners are the perfect touch. Unfurl the banner and watch as they realize that your backyard bash is all in honor of their big day.

Not only can you design a beautiful custom banner for their party, you can also create custom signs to pull your birthday theme together. Design signs with the event’s menu or signs for large events that direct party-goers to important locations, such as the bathrooms.

Here at Pixus, we want to help make your next birthday bash a success. Talk to us about a customized birthday banner today.