Ever wonder why a simple graphic of an apple with a bite missing means a computer company instead of an organic food store? This and other instantly recognizable logos work because the companies maintain brand consistency. Simply put, brand consistency is about setting and maintaining brand standards across a variety of media.

What Makes Up a Brand?

A company’s brand is made up of a few key components:

  • Logo: A good logo is unique, easy to recognize and an embodiment of the brand.
  • Fonts: The type of font contributes to the brand’s overall style and impression.
  • Colors: The colors you use are a major factor in establishing the look and feel of the brand.

Why Does Brand Consistency Matter?

Does anyone really care if the color is a hair off, the font is san serif instead of serif, or the logo is slightly askew? The answer is yes, the details matter. Consistency is the key to establishing your brand as a memorable icon that represents a dependable company. Having a loose brand with low standards and little consistency defeats the purpose of having a brand in the first place. Using a bunch of different logos or changing a logo often are viewed as indications that a company has issues.

How Can You Achieve Brand Consistency?

So, how exactly can your company achieve brand consistency? Here are some key guidelines:

  • Establish brand messaging and tone
  • Organize digital assets
  • Pay attention to internal branding
  • Work with a seasoned printing partner

Establish Brand Messaging and Tone

The first step in achieving brand consistency is establishing a coherent brand. This includes choosing the logo, colors and font as mentioned above. Once you’ve done so, create some brand guidelines that outline how to use the brand.

Organize Digital Assets

Make sure the logo files, fonts, colors and other digital assets related to your brand are clearly defined, organized, backed up and available to employees. Provide instructions for how to use them to avoid common blunders like a pixelated logo.

Pay Attention to Internal Branding

Encourage employee participation in the brand with:

  • Training programs that incorporate brand values
  • Branded items for employees
  • Collateral that explains each department’s role in the brand promise

Work with a Seasoned Printing Partner

A little customization goes a long way toward creating a memorable brand. Choose a seasoned digital printing partner to help you establish a brand and the graphics that go with it. They can design and produce marketing pieces that are cohesive, unique and consistent.