While the banking industry may not be known for flashy advertisements and eye-catching displays, having a strong signage game is critical for any banking institution. The right graphics can help local banks boost curb appeal and engage with their customers. Let’s explore some of the ways your institution can use bank signage effectively.

The Goal of Bank Signage

Self-service channels make up the majority of banking interactions, but banks are still expected to provide customer satisfaction, build relationships and foster brand loyalty. Professional signage allows you to engage with your customer base in a very cost-effective way. Creating an integrated brand design and message across all mediums is an easy way to promote brand recall and recognition.

Apply Signage Consistently

Building brand awareness and loyalty is crucial for local banking institutions. Creating and maintaining consistent signage is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. Utilizing the same logo, design elements and colors across a variety of media implementations, and in a variety of places, helps your brand ‘stick’ in the minds of customers and passersby. Business cards, pole signs, window graphics, digital message boards and more should work together so that customers encounter your brand repeatedly.

Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Indoor and outdoor signage play a different but important role in the success of your bank. Outdoor signage is ideal for catching the eye of nearby traffic and helps you generate new business. These signs should make your brand seem appealing, as well as make your location easy to find. Indoor signage is directed at your existing customer base; it fosters customer engagement and can cross-promote other services that you can “upsell” to your current clientele.

Target Your Customer Base

Give your bank a personal connection by sharing stories about how your products and services help existing customers. Lobby displays featuring stories about real people that have been helped by your bank can make customers feel more connected to your brand. They can also generate interest in products and services such as loans and credit cards.

Improve Communication and Efficiency

Professional signage isn’t just limited to forward-facing applications. Banks can also take advantage of interactive screens, office signs and other graphics to encourage employee communication and efficiency. Managing performance, boosting team morale and strengthening core values are just a few of the things that custom graphics can help you achieve.

Get the Right Graphics with a Seasoned Signage Professional

To get the most benefit from your graphics, choose an experienced signage professional like Pixus. A professional company can help you create engaging graphics that become high-quality signage for your establishment. Utilizing a professional signage company for custom signage means your products are built to last – giving you the most value for your time, effort and money.
No matter the size of your banking institution, custom graphics and signage can help you meet your marketing goals. From large outdoor signage to intricate indoor displays, you can promote your brand, encourage customer engagement and provide a satisfying experience with beautiful custom graphics.