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The Importance of Brand Consistency

Ever wonder why a simple graphic of an apple with a bite missing means a computer company instead of an organic food store? This and other instantly recognizable logos work because the companies maintain brand consistency. Simply put, brand consistency is about...

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Are Die-Cuts to Die For?

We all know the importance of making your business stand out in a crowd, but how can you do that effectively? Enter the world of die-cuts, which allow you to create promotional items that are uniquely shaped to attract attention in a wide variety of sizes suited to...

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Case Study: Supreme Rice

When you think of cutting-edge displays, a rice mill probably isn’t the first direction your mind takes you. But, when it comes to Supreme Rice, with their playful advertising and big focus on showcasing just what makes their product SUPREMEly delicious, it’s no...

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The banner looks great. Our first church service is going to be this Sunday. Thanks again!!!

Chris Frazier - Bridgetown Church, North Carolina

Your representative was very professional, knowledgeable, and prompt with his service. Wish all of my vendors had his attention to detail.

Hayden Neveaux - Offshore Cleaning Services, Abbeville, Louisiana

It has been a pleasure working with Terry at Pixus Digital. His expertise and knowledge about signage is top notch.

Madeline Broussard - Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise, Lafayette, Louisiana

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