1. Stock Images Vs. Unique Photography

    Photography is a touchy subject in the design world. The importance of unique photographs can't be overstated, as they give businesses professional, on-brand visuals that can't be beaten by generic alternatives. They're also time-consuming and expensive — two terms that send shivers down business owners’ spines. Our staff at Pixus Digital Printing is often asked about the pros and cons surroun…Read More

  2. Taking it to the Streets: the Value of Wall Murals

    When engaging in visual marketing, it's important to stand out. Today's consumers face stimulation around every corner. As a result, marketers have little more than a few seconds to make a lasting impression on potential buyers. And to make things more difficult, the same advertisement needs to communicate everything about a product in that same timeframe. Without question it's a difficult prospec…Read More

  3. Make The Commitment To Up Your Advertising Game in 2019

    We all know that advertising rules the world these days. There is a 24 hour news cycle, retargeting ads, and popup videos that seem to permeate the online space. While your online presence is extremely important, the mistake that many local businesses make is simply relying too much on online advertising. Much like anything else, a business owner does not want to put their eggs all in one basket, …Read More

  4. Your 2019 Southern Gaming Summit Checklist

    If you’re involved with the Southern gaming industry, you probably know the importance of the Southern Gaming Summit. An effective showing at the conference borders on being a prerequisite for success in the area. As a result, the event is jam-packed with competing voices and companies. Making the most of your time at a trade show is all about preparation, foresight and running a tight ship. The…Read More

  5. This Year’s Top Innovations for Visual Advertising

    Design is an ever-changing field of study. Here at Pixus, our years of experience and industry knowledge have taught us that staying ahead means being adaptable and receptive to change while always being willing to learn a new style or design method. And that isn't poised to change in 2019. In fact, the coming year is one of the most exciting in recent memory concerning innovation, new styles and …Read More

  6. 2019 Casino Trade Shows You Need to Attend

    Here at Pixus, our staff goes to great lengths to stay on top of all the latest happenings in the casino and gaming industries. Everything from industry-shaking innovations to the latest in consumer experience advancements strikes our interest, so we like to keep our sources for these developments legitimate, informed and easily accessible. Odds are, you want the same for your company and staff. T…Read More

  7. Our Year in Review: Top Projects of 2018

    2018 was a whirlwind of growth for Pixus, both creative-wise and on the business side of things. As 2019 takes off, we’re looking back at our favorite projects to come through the Pixus workshop in 2018 and what we loved about them. These clients are time-tested local brands that we’re proud to have served - and hope to continue to grow within 2019. Here are our picks for best of the year. Kri…Read More

  8. Kick off the Holiday Season With Giving

    As you may know, Pixus is a proud member of the Lafayette community. We take great pride in providing our clients with the finest digital printing services available anywhere. Our services encompass everything from large format printing, signage, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, and much more. At Pixus we produce some of the most dynamic advertising and promotion materials in the country and ha…Read More

  9. Setting The Stage: Creating Unique Casino Experiences This Holiday Season

    The holidays are upon us, and there’s no better way to get your casino guests into the holiday spirit than decking the halls with holiday cheer. Use engaging signage with holiday graphics to delight guests and their families and make your establishment a favorite stop. Custom signs and graphics are a great way to help your casino stand out. At Pixus, we specialize in customizing casino games and…Read More

  10. Highlights from the 2018 Global Gaming Expo

    The annual 2018 Global Gaming Expo wrapped up this past October. The event was filled to the brim with exciting advancements in gaming technology and hopeful forecasts for the industry’s future. New machines, software backends, marketing strategies and integration plans were unveiled en masse. Here are some of the reveals that we found to be the most interesting. Industry-Wide Integration with B…Read More