One of my favorite writers is Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar and author of “How to Easily Add Gamification Techniques to Your Content.” Companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom have benefited from his brilliance. I was completely informed and entertained by one of his recent articles.

He shares, as of 2015 the iTunes App Store has 396,000 gaming apps, almost doubled since July of 2013. Chances are you have a game or two on your smartphone and may have played at least one today. VentureBeat has placed the number of American homes owning a gaming device at 80 percent.

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is defined as integrating game dynamics into your site, service, community, content, or campaign in order to drive participation. It is the application of themed elements of game playing to other areas of activity. Not just kids are playing video games. The fact is that the average age of gamers is 37.

With that said, businesses looking to increase engagement, boost brand awareness, and generally make their environment more enjoyable are implementing gamification. Pixus Digital Printing has served the casino industry for over 23 years, printing products, developing and creating custom designed game boards.

People Bringing Gamification to Your Casino Property

Ever watch the Price Is Right game show on television? Think of Pixus as creator, promoter and distributor of casino game boards. Games of engagement much like the games you see on television. We specialize in the creation of custom designed game boards. Game boards help increase engagement and set indoor environmental tones for casino properties nationwide.

Gamification is a very easy strategy to follow. It allows for a wide variety of approaches to easily mesh and integrate with promotions and increase engagement. Is there a more exciting way to win prizes and money than by playing games we love? The best part of owning game boards is the excitement and endless possibilities of winning. Winning is made possible by playing games like Punch-A-Prize, Pin Pong, Plink-o, pocket prize boards, spinning wheels, and so much more.

Source: Neil Patel, “How to Easily Add Gamification Techniques to Your Content”
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