Design is a crucial component of signs and other advertisements. Without a good design, the time and money spent on creating the graphics is wasted. Don’t let this happen to you. If your business needs new signage, turn to a professional design team to guide you through the process. At Pixus, we strive to provide each of our clients with signage and graphics that help them meet their goals effectively. Here’s how our design team can help you create your next sign.

Follow Key Design Principles

Large-scale signage provides unique challenges to design. People often misunderstand the space involved and error toward overly busy designs or overly sparse. The best designs are usually somewhere in the middle.

A professional design team understands the key design principles, and can apply them to signage of any shape or size to help you strike the right balance. This makes it possible to convey your message effectively and naturally. Colors, graphics, fonts, text and empty space are a few of the elements that must be carefully manipulated to create an impactful design.

Identify Requirements

As a business owner, you may not know what you want your sign to look like. An expert design team helps you determine the signage that best fits your objective. By asking about your goals and requirements, they can help narrow your focus and create a product that meets your needs.

Achieve the Best Visibility

Even a well-designed sign isn’t useful if your customers can’t see it or read it. Part of the design process includes making the signage visible. The design team considers the location and size of your sign, as well as the lighting conditions of the area. These factors influence things like the size of the letters, and the types of fonts that are appropriate for high visibility. The right color combinations can also affect a sign’s legibility at different distances.

Use the Right Materials

An outdoor sign must withstand various types of weather and harsh conditions. Watching your sign deteriorate quickly, after all of the work you put into creating it is frustrating, to say the least. With professional design and production, you get signage that lasts. We understand the size and material requirements for different environments and have access to high-quality materials for long-lasting results.

Enjoy Professional Installation

Large signs are often bulky and difficult to install. Attempting to do so yourself is hard, and could result in injury or damage to the sign. Working with a digital printing company from start to finish means you get expert installation. Leave the process to the professionals, and you can enjoy a sign that’s flawlessly installed without the effort.

You work hard doing what you do best, so let us work hard doing what we do best. Our design team puts time and passion into design to offer our customers the best products possible. Request a quote today to get started on your next sign project. We’re here to help!