When you market your business, you have to look at what will bring people from the outside into your establishment. While your marketing inside of your four walls may be on point, it doesn’t mean a thing if no one steps inside. As such, you have to think of your marketing as a finger that beckons a person closer.

It all starts with the marketing on the outside.

Vehicle Wraps Inform People Around Town

Plenty of people in town won’t know that you exist because they don’t drive by your building on a daily basis. It may be considered out of the way for them. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want to shop at your business. It just means that you have to let them know that you’re there. That’s when vehicle wraps can serve as your beckoning tool. As your fleet of vehicles drives around town running errands or making deliveries, they’ll be telling people all about who you are and where you’re located so that they can know what they’ve been missing out on.

Building Signage Identifies What’s Inside

You’ve brought them closer, so now your building signage needs to give people a reason to park and come inside. 86 percent of consumers are influenced by a store entrance. Whether you use feathered flags to talk about a sale or event or you use a branded entrance to give people an idea of what to expect when they get inside, you’re getting them excited about checking you out.

Navigational Signs Show People Around

People are now inside your building, so be sure to show them around. Since you’re not going to give everyone who walks through the door a custom tour, use navigational signs so people know what you have and where to find it. When you create excitement with these signs, people may find things they never knew they wanted but now have to have.

Point of Purchase Displays Show Off Particular Products

As people walk up and down the aisles to see what you have, point of purchase displays can appear to show off specific products. These may be seasonal, items that are on sale, or simply high-end products that need a bit more selling to get them into carts. Whatever your goal, we can create POP displays that allow people to learn more and grab whatever it is that you want them to put into their shopping cart.

Danglers Call Out at the Last Minute

Finally, you have danglers. These make it easy to call attention to particular products on a shelf or end-cap. A simple sign can draw the customer’s eye right to the product to get it some extra attention. Often, these are going to be the add-on products or impulse items that a customer hadn’t planned on getting. These are great, though, as it allows you to increase your average sale without taking an aggressive sales approach.

At Pixus Digital Printing, we’re here to help you with your marketing inside and out. This way, you have the innovative options to draw people into your store even when they have never driven past your location before. Contact us today to get started!