Swiss Q Nyala Unsurpassed Quality Recognized

The phrase SwissQ Nyala Unsurpassed Quality Recognized holds true with Pixus Digital Printing and strongly believes the exceptional print quality is essential to producing great a product. Acquiring exceptional printing technology is utmost in our industry. It’s what people have come to expect from Pixus. What makes the Nyala so extremely appealing? The large format SwissQ Nyala delivers an even higher standard of printing machine that exceeds the expectations of many consumers. SwissQ Nyala Unsurpassed Quality Recognized.

Is it the printer’s unbeatable performance? Is it the ability to print white or light and special colors? Or maybe it’s the ability to print varnish and primer for printing on glass. It’s all of the above! The extra large print bed measures 10.5 ft by 5.25 ft. The bed offers more than enough room for most popular panel formats. The combination of high-performance printing with nine color channels and processes material at a rate of up to 200 square meters per hour is unbeatable. This unique combination yields high printing quality with consistent reproducibility. This is precisely what discriminating customers have come to expect from Pixus Digital Printing. SwissQ Nyala Unsurpassed Quality Recognized.

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Our Pixus finished products are made possible with highly skilled craftsman and printers like the Swiss Q Nyala. Our reputation is well received and recognized throughout the country.

Source of Information Courtesy of: Swiss Q Nyala Printing System
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